ZON released their eighth single Hoka Naranu Bigaku on May 29 and with its release imminent, the band revealed not just a music video for it, but a live one at that!

It’s here that ZON performs the energetic and playful number as red and white lights flash, the colors corresponding with their barbed wire jacket and trouser combo, the same clothing featured in their artist photos situated below.

ZON has illustrated their ability to create a heavy rock sound that will get you jumping, waving your arms, shaking your fists, and allowing the audience to let loose at every chance possible! Hoka Naranu Bigaku is no different with chants like “Crush the pain in my way” in the chorus and opportunities to sing “oh la-la-la” and “oh-oh-oh-oh-oh” over and over.

The single itself comes in types A and B with three tracks but have a differing third track, for example, the former comes with Ghost and the latter with YOLO.

You can see their artist photos and tracklisting for Hoka Naranu Bigaku below!

ZON’s new barbed wire look for Hoka Naranu Bigaku release

Hoka Naranu Bigaku (他ならぬ美学)

Type A


  1. Hoka Naranu Bigaku (他ならぬ美学)
  2. Psycho Guppy (サイコ・グッピー)
  3. Ghost

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Type B


  1. Hoka Naranu Bigaku (他ならぬ美学)
  2. Psycho Guppy (サイコ・グッピー)
  3. YOLO

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