We’re here to report news of great importance and significance as we all know that the GazettE member selfies are rare like diamonds, especially outside of world tour periods. We’re here to make sure you’re aware of this historic event happening on our digital backyard.

A week ago Reita posted on Instagram the first of the selfie challenges none of us thought we needed which started this domino effect onto his bandmates.

“Thank you very much. ???? It was great! See you soon, promise! ?The heat was killing me!!!!! Today was unusually hot!!”

Four days later, Aoi followed suit and posted his own version of the digit licking pose.

“Thank you very much for coming to München. ?? I will see you again ?”

Perhaps feeling the peer pressure, Ruki responded to Aoi’s photo saying “Eh, I’m a little shy ?”.

Latest challenger has Kai post his selfie. But according to one of our writers, he looks as though he is tasting his cooking?

“Hmm.? Something different.????? Third person?”

Ruki has left a response saying “Is this a curse?”.

Who do you think would be the fourth? Let us know in the comments as well as your own provocative selfie. Tag us and hashtag your own selfies #fourthperson #4人目 #ReitaChallenge on Instagram, Twitter or email it to us on info@jrocknews.com. We look forward to them.

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