On June 16, NAZARE held their one-man tour final at Takadanobaba AREA, at where they distributed the live-limited single Jingai CODA. It was announced, another important date to mark in the calendar: the band’s 1st anniversary will be celebrated with a show at Tsutaya O-WEST on January 12, 2020. The news came accompanied by the full music video for IDEAL, the band’s upcoming single coming out on July 3.

Drummer Issei shows his experience by composing, recording, mixing, and mastering yet another gem, while young vocalist Mio is responsible for the lyrics. Check out the music video below and let us know what you think:


The full thing is finally out and it might not be what you were expecting by judging from the short preview they teased us with earlier. While the music video preview showed us the core part of the song, a bright and melodic chorus, we were missing out how they reach there and what’s next. This is the dark atmosphere introduced at the beginning of the song, and its exciting finale. The intro is composed of Yoh’s, and Uta’s distorted, low tuned guitars, and Mio’s mid-range screaming, and gutturals. In the second part of the song, which comes after the first chorus, the sound heads out to a heavier place and it is then when we can hear the frenetic breakdown filled with more gutturals, fast drumming by Issei, and Yoh’s crazy guitar solo.

In other news, vocalist Mio joined twitter so go follow him at @nazare_mio and wish him a happy belated birthday which, in fact, happened on June 15.

Fans perspective of Takadanobaba AREA at NAZARE’s tour final.


Regular edition

  1. IDEAL
  2. Heisa-teki, Kutsujoku no Ame (閉鎖的、屈辱の雨)

Buy at CDJapan, HMV or Amazon

Limited edition

  1. IDEAL
  2. Heisa-teki, Kutsujoku no Ame (閉鎖的、屈辱の雨)


  1. Koufukuron (幸福論)
  2. IDEAL
  3. Koufukuron (幸福論) making of
  4. IDEAL making of

Buy at CDJapan, HMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Mio)
Twitter (Yoh)
Twitter (Uta)
Twitter (Issei)
Instagram (Mio)

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