Fret Zealot’s latest crowdfunding campaign aims to teach you how to play the ukulele with the help of colorful LEDs! This is the same company that brought LEDs to guitars and partnered with ESP Guitars to get their product in the Japanese music store, BIG BOSS.

The US-based company Fret Zealot has recently kicked off their fifth crowdfunding campaign, promoting their product that will make learning ukulele fun and colorful with the help of LED lights. The idea is that Fret Zealot will guide you on how to play a song or a scale, simply by lighting up the places where you should put your fingers. Instead of having to rely on an old and boring music instructor, you use their companion app—available on iOS and Android—to specify what you want to learn.

The company claims you will learn how to play in just 60 seconds! While you might not end up being a professional musician in that short amount of time, beginners will likely be much more familiar with the instrument thanks to those shimmering LEDs. To learn more about how it works in details, we suggest having a look at the crowdfunding page over at Kickstarter.

With the campaign already being over 35% funded in just four days, 26 days to go, we can safely assume the target will be met. However, in case it doesn’t, your hard-earned money will be fully refunded, so there’s no risk involved in backing the campaign. You can now purchase your “Fret Zealot for Ukulele” starting at $99 at Kickstarter, and it ships worldwide too!

The company has also previously made “Fret Zealot for Guitar” and comes with the same features that are advertised for the ukulele version. You can already pick this one up today at Fret Zealot’s website, or in a physical music store in Japan, BIG BOSS, thanks to their partnership with ESP Guitars.

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