Time is ticking as Kizu’s single Human Error is out on July 2 and with the initial announcement and artist photo’s out of the way, the band has released a preview trailer for the songs on both types!

First song Human Error is a return to form with its gloom-ridden riffs and basslines alongside persistent drumming, and vocalist Raimu’s emotive and intense vocals. Jyunana has a more chilling and creepy feel to it and isn’t as relentless as Human Error but what it lacks, it makes up for in a jumpy chorus and chugging riffs.

Then we reach the alternating third tracks which take a more pop-rock approach with Mayu up first on Type A. Here Raimu continuously repeats lyrics over the soft and mellow sounding accompaniment. Next is the carefree Boku wo Nokoshite Shindeku Rock and Roll which again features repetition but is a lot of fun to listen to and is sure to get you moving more so than Mayu.

The tracklist has now been updated which you can see below!

Human Error (ヒューマンエラー)

Type A


  1. Human Error (ヒューマンエラー)
  2. 十七 (Jyunana)
  3. Mayu (繭)

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Type B


  1. Human Error (ヒューマンエラー)
  2. 十七 (Jyunana)
  3. Boku wo Nokoshite Shindeku Rock and Roll (僕を残して死んでくロックンロール)

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