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Date Artist Release Title Release Type Comment Details
01 Various Artists (V.A.) Apres-guerre Fukkan 11 Book Features interviews featuring popular acts such as Inugami Circus-dan, emmuree, heidi., and DuelJewel. CDJapan
04 S!N Kittemo Kirenai (切っても切れない) Single Comes in three editions. CDJapan
05 SHIVA “Chissoku ni Asobu” (「窒息に遊ぶ」) Single Features two tracks. CDJapan
05 NICO Touches the Walls Quizmaster Album NICO Touches the Walls’s first album in about three years; comes in three editions. CDJapan
05 Inugami Circus-dan Greatest Hits – GOLD – Album A greatest hits album featuring 14 tracks. CDJapan
05 MAN WITH A MISSION Remember Me Single Features a song for a TV commercial for the software game by Square Enix, LEFT ALIVE. CDJapan
05 DIMLIM Rijin (離人) Single Features two tracks. CDJapan
05 Develop One’s Faculties Ephemeral Single Features two tracks. CDJapan
05 Rui Alicegawa Last Letter Single Rui Alicegawa’s (Mikansei Alice) first single. CDJapan
06 Ensoku Boku no Shukyo e Yokoso – Welcome to my religion – Mini-album Features covers and originals for six tracks in totals. CDJapan
08 Mathilda Tagaa Knife (タガアナイフ ) Single Features two tracks. CDJapan
12 Ryutaro Arimura Arimura Ryutaro TOUR 2019 “Demo/demo #2” – Road Show – DVD Features Ryutaro Arimura’s (Plastic Tree) live held on March 6 at MyNavi BLITZ Akasaka and an interview with him. CDJapan
12 Dacoo Enjoy! Single Dacco’s 13th single. CDJapan
12 BULL FIELD BLAZING FIELD Mini-album Features six tracks. CDJapan
12 David Reason for existence and… -20190127 Tokyo Kinema Club- DVD Features his concert held on January 27, 2019 at Tokyo Kinema Club. CDJapan
12 Mary’s Blood CONFESSiONS Album Mary’s Blood fifth full-length album. CDJapan
16 Shintenchi Kaibyaku Shudan – Zigzag Zigzag Ichi – Dai Sakkai – Album Shintenchi Kaibyaku Shudan – Zigzag’s first album. CDJapan
19 ARCHEMI. Chimamire Bosatsu (血塗れ菩薩) Single ARCHEMI.’s sixth single. CDJapan
19 HYDE Anti Album Comes in four editions. CDJapan
19 AIOLIN Fate -Hope Side-/-Resistance Side- Album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 Envyl (エンヴィル) “Shiro x Kuro” (「白×黒」) Album Envyl’s first album. CDJapan
19 MonstlloW “Kerberos” Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 SiREN ALacarte Cinema Single SiREN’s first single. CDJapan
19 LAVANS Re:LIAR Single LAVANS’s first single. CDJapan
19 SHiSHi Kamacho. (かまちょ。) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 DEVILOOF Oni (鬼) Album DEVILOOF’s second album. CDJapan
19 Crack6 Canaria Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 Scarlet Valse 2018.11.26 Shibuya REX Oneman Tour Final Legendary Place DVD Features Scarlet Valse’s concert held on November 26, 2018 at Shibuya REX. CDJapan
21 MALICE MIZER Deep Sanctuary VI MALICE MIZER 25th Anniversary Special – Live DVD at Toyosu Pit September 9 – BD Features MALICE MIZER’s concert held on September 9, 2018 at Toyosu PIT. CDJapan
26 Kaijin Nijumenso (怪人二十面奏) Seimeiryoku (聲命力) Album — CDJapan
26 Doremi.Fa Amedama Kyoku Dai 6 Ban Single Features three tracks. CDJapan
26 Kaitou Sentai Nusumunjya Hyakki Yako Bus (百鬼夜行バス) Single Features two tracks. CDJapan
26 LANTANA PARADIGM OUT Mini-album LANTANA’s third mini-album. CDJapan
26 raith. Tomogui (與喰い) Single Features three tracks. CDJapan
26 Rave Botekuri Single Comes in four editions. CDJapan
26 RAZOR Sennen no Shirabe (千年ノ調べ) Album RAZOR’s first album. CDJapan
26 emmuree 19992018 Album A greatest hits album featuring 15 tracks. CDJapan
26 Arlequin 2018.12.08 Arlequin 5th ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN TOUR Quint ” ” Zepp Tokyo DVD Features Arlequin’s live held at Zepp Tokyo on December 8, 2018. CDJapan
26 Kosai RaveL Howling Single Features three tracks. CDJapan
26 R-Shitei Eizo Ban. Vol.4 DVD
R Shitei brings a DVD with 18 music videos.
26 R-shitei Eizo Ban. Vol.5 DVD Features R Shitei’s concert held on August 22, 2016 at Makuhari Messe. CDJapan
26 “Seigi” Suhai Kyodan JUSTICE KING Kanbai Ongen Shu Album Features eight tracks. CDJapan
26 Mikansei Alice Stargazer Mini-album Mikansei Alice’s first mini-album. CDJapan
26 9mm Parabellum Bullet act VII DVD Features concerts held by 9mm Parabellum Bullet between 2016 and 2019. CDJapan
26 MY FIRST STORY Title is to be announced Album An album set to feature acoustic songs. CDJapan
26 PELICAN FANCLUB Whitenoise e.p EP PELICAN CLUB’s first EP. CDJapan
— ROCK AND READ Cover and top Feature: Tatsuro of MUCC Book Also features articles with Plastic Tree, Kaya, Metronome, and many more. CDJapan

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