With an introduction to gulu gulu made just over a month ago, their first single Henna Merry Go Round has finally made its way to shop shelves, but also onto our screens with the release of a full music video through their YouTube channel.

gulu gulu are fully armed for a strong debut with this release. This song is laced with carnival themes, from carnival music to visuals of classic carnival rides and performers, but just as the song title suggests, this is a “Funny Merry Go Round”—and that’s funny, as in, strange. From gimp-suit clad characters crawling around in circles to awkward silent movie comedy-gag clips, there’s a haunting aura to the video which is emphasized by the slow lull of vocals opening the song, the gruff and growly chorus chants, and eery operatic vocals at the bridge. However, it’s the thrashy guitars and fast-paced drums that give the song the strength to carry it’s energy right through till the end.

gulu gulu 処女作「変なメリーゴーランド」MV FULL

Is that the chime of The Phantom of the Opera theme tune we can hear in there? Let us know what you think of gulu gulu’s first release! Have they caught your attention enough for you to stick around?

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