Arlequin has confirmed that they will release single ANIMA on August 21 in two types with type A containing four songs including main track Ikione and an acoustic version of Alive. It will also have a DVD for the Ikione music video, its off-shot, and a song commentary interview. Type B however just has three tracks in total with no additional content.

Way ahead of time, Arlequin also uploaded a preview trailer of what the first three songs on ANIMA will sound like. This is married with a timelapse of clouds rolling by and stars in the sky, giving a rather calming perspective on the songs. The songs do come across as rather joyous but I could very well be wrong.

Along with the release of ANIMA, Arlequin announced that they have established a new label under GOEMON RECORDS of the same name as their upcoming single. It’s unknown what difference it will make to the band as a whole, what will happen on GOEMON RECORDS side or whether new bands will join the label. The prospect of it all is exciting regardless and seeing where they take it next will be interesting.

As with every other release, the band now have new artist photos with a shadow cast upon them.



Regular edition


  1. Ikinone (息の根)
  3. Ryuuseigun (流星群)
  4. Alive -Acoustic ver.-


  1. Ikinone Music Video, Off-Shot and song commentary interview

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Type B


  1. Ikinone (息の根)
  3. Ryuuseigun (流星群)

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