Back again with some more hot-body-soup. You know? Because it’s a bath! Anyway, let’s get right to the point. This month we are looking at etiquette at a show. Pretty much, what can you expect at a show in the west compared to a show in the east. Additionally, what should you be expected to do. Does that band want you to dance and wave a glow stick around in sequence with the other people there? Or do they want you to be as much of a violent flailing individual as possible? Honestly, read the room. But, listen here too for some anecdotes and comments on what we have experienced around the world.

We haven’t forgotten about the readers and listeners either, we’ll get into some user comments as always. We also got some quick bits you should look into and a small discussion on a rather popular concern. Catch ya in the changing room!

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Unspoken concert rules in Japan vs west – JROCK ONSEN Ep. 15

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