SID fans are used to being kept busy by the band’s seemingly nonstop activity schedule, but the recent slew of announcements just blew us away! Beyond their Fan Club lives later in May, the band announced that they will kick off the summer with a collaboration tour of four shows, each to feature a different guest artist.

The tour starts with a bang on June 17, featuring Miyakawa-kun, a cover artist who gained popularity through his videos on Nico Nico Douga and YouTube. He is known for his impressive vocal range and ability to hold sustained notes for dramatic effect, which will certainly make an interesting addition to Mao’s vocal style.

On June 20, SID will be joined by GRANRODEO, another band with quite a few anime features to their name. Then, on June 27, punk idol unit BiSH will take the stage. One of the shows even lists SID as their own collaborating artist, promising a playfully surprising tour!

SID has already done much to raise smaller acts to prominence, such as their 10th anniversary project, which featured a number of up-and-coming bands performing on the same stage as veritable j-rock legends. This tour is yet another opportunity for SID to give back to the community that has formed so loyally around them.

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