Even with all of the exciting news coming from SID lately, the band’s vocalist Mao keeps the momentum with an announcement of his own. His solo project, known for producing mellow, jazz-inspired tracks, kicks off an acoustic tour on July 17 called Hashiyasume Night. 

Mao’s solo performances are generally small and intimate, shedding SID’s characteristic rambunctious energy while keeping all of its heart. Each date will have two shows, one at 16:00 and the other at 19:00, and two ticket types: VIP and general admission. The VIP tickets include benefits befitting Mao’s personable manner, such as a handmade VIP pass, entry to view the rehearsal or an after-concert toast, and handshake events before or after the show.

VIP tickets go on sale for SID fan club members on May 6. General admission becomes available on June 22.

Promotional image for the Acoustic Tour 2019 Hashiyasume Night.

Acoustic Tour 2019 “Hashiyasume Night”

  • July 17 – Ebisu The Garden Hall
  • July 19 – Sendai Rensa
  • July 23 – Kurume City Plaza Kurumeza
  • July 25 – Osaka BIG CAT
  • July 26 – Nagoya Diamond Hall
  • July 30 – Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka

More info:
Official Website

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