Kizu previously released their watercolored marvel that was the Tokyo lyric video when single Heisei hit stores on March 19. They also stated that the music video for Heisei would be out before said era ended. However, did they manage to achieve that goal? Most definitely as the band tweeted “Heisei 31, April 30, 23:59”, a few hours before entering the new era Reiwa. Lo and behold, the band released the much-anticipated music video for title track Heisei, sending the era out with a bang!

The visuals in question are monochromatic and go through a timelapse of Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo Skytree, and many other locations, including devastating imagery of the aftermath of Japanese earthquakes. Likewise, the tunes offered in Heisei fit these dark events well with its intense and tormenting touch. It’s just as straightforward as second track Tokyo but with a darker vibe, a distinguishable chorus, and the 360-degree vocals in the quieter parts that make for a nice addition.

Individually, the members perform in a small room with papers scattered all over the floor but as a group, we see fairy lights hanging from the apartments behind them, only for the longer strands to wrap around each of the member’s necks. There is undoubtedly a lot of things going on that’s easy to miss.

Heisei (平成)

Edition A


  1. Heisei (平成)
  2. Tokyo (東京)
  3. Stalker (ストーカー)

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Edition B


  1. Heisei (平成)
  2. Tokyo (東京)
  3. Yume (夢)

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