It’s been three years since the HIATUS released the Hands Of Gravity album in 2016, and although they have been actively performing the entire time, we’ve not heard much regarding their activities.

We’ve been waiting for them to announce the name for the new album for just over a week now, and apart from knowing that it will be out on July 24, 2019, and will include 10 tracks in celebration of their 10th anniversary, nothing else has been confirmed. They’ll also be playing 12 shows across Japan, starting in Tokyo and ending in Takamatsu. Question is, why didn’t they schedule 10 shows to follow the decagon theme?

Hitting up their social media, you’ll see how they might stay relatively under my radar when it comes to exciting activities by touring exclusively in Japan and not releasing anything. But this is nothing new when it comes to Jrock bands, right? The last time they uploaded to YouTube was three years ago with a live video of their Jive Turkey vol 1 show at Blue Note, Tokyo, in 2016. For those of you who want to see them play, check out the tour dates below:

the HIATUS TOUR 2019

July 31, Zepp Tokyo
August 1, Zepp Tokyo
August 6, Zepp Fukuoka
August 8, BLUE LIVE Hiroshima
August 21, Sendai GIGS
September 3, Zepp Nagoya
September 4, Zepp Nagoya
September 11, Niigata LOTS
September 13, Zepp Sapporo
September 18, Zepp Osaka Bayside
September 19, Zepp Osaka Bayside
September 24, Takamatsu festhalle

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