Does anyone remember a band called ELLEGARDEN? Surprise! They’re back and already set to perform several festivals throughout the year.

They’ve disbanded just over a decade ago, and for some reason, a tiny itch to listen to them came up this week. Hitting up the Japanese Wikipedia page, I was greeted with an updated timeline “Active 1998–2008” and “Active 2018– ”. They’ve always been a big part of growing up but reading this news had some invisible force rip the carpet from my feet and I fell into a rabbit hole of reminiscing my childhood.

Their first show was titled suitability THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN TOUR 2018 in August 2018 at Shinkiba Studio Coast, the same venue as their send-off concert. They seemed to have last played in March 2019 in support of an American pop punk band, ALLiSTER, for their 20th-anniversary tour when they were in Japan.

The three festivals for 2019 includes Fuji Rock, Rising Sun and they’ve most recently announced a new line of merch for their appearance at MIYAKO ISLAND ROCK FESTIVAL 2019.

Did you love their old tracks Supersonic and Salamander? Because you should know that they’ve uploaded their official YouTube with a backlog of their old music videos just two months ago.

Interestingly, I checked the other projects by ELLEGARDEN members, MONOEYES, and The Hiatus and both had been active in the past 2–3 years. Both projects are led by the vocalist and guitarist Takeshi Hosomi, and are good listens if you need similar tunes to scratch the growing ELLEGARDEN itch.

Whilst live shows are exciting, how about a new release? Nothing has been mentioned on their official site or social media year, but I’m hopeful.

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