DEXCORE announced that guitarist haku would leave on May 13, however, just ten days after, the band also revealed that member guitarist yumeto has joined them as of their performance at Nagoya CLUB ZION on May 26. Despite yumeto’s limited time in the band, he’s already taken part in the band’s single Collapse.

As for the announcement, it states that the time haku has spent with the band has been important, but things such as “music and the mindset of being a band” didn’t go well for a reason not stated.

Former DEXCORE guitarist, haku.

See below haku’s departure announcement:

Notice about guitarist haku’s depature

Thank you for always supporting DEXCORE.

This is sudden, but we are informing you that guitarist haku will depart from the band. We are truly sorry to the fans supporting us for such a disappointing announcement.
We deeply apologize from the bottom of our hearts.

DEXCORE’s lineup may have changed from what it was at the start, but the time we spent with haku has been very important to us and we sincerely think haku shares the same feelings as well.
However, during our activities, we noticed that things weren’t going well in regards to music and the mindset of being a band. In such a situation, we came to the conclusion that continuing our activities this way would have been difficult.

The current line-up will continue activities up until May 13.
There is not much time left so please keep supporting us.

To fans who keep supporting us and people related to the band whom we rely on, this announcement may have caused you trouble and worry, but DEXCORE won’t give up and will continue with our activities.

We hope that you keep loving and supporting DEXCORE’s music furthermore.

Jelly Records

That’s far from it though, as the band has uploaded a lyric video for digital single Collapse! This is the first to feature yumeto on guitar and it is already available on iTunes, Spotify, Apply Music, Google Play and countless other digital distribution stores. The instrumentation has a creepy and haunting tone that is laced with heavy guitars and drums alongside kagami’s mixture of soft and harsh vocals.

See the lyric video for Collapse and artist photos with new guitarist yumeto. Will this quick turnover hinder DEXCORE or allow the band to bloom? We shall see!


Digital edition

  1. Collapse

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