Tensai recently shared a music video titled Benki-Chan (便器ちゃん) with a description stating that new songs are coming this MayBenki-Chan is one of the songs we expect to see on the new CD.  We are currently unsure as to whether this will be an album or a single, but we will keep you updated as more information is revealed. Meanwhile, feel free to check out the video below!

てんさい。『便器ちゃん』MV FULL

The video opens with guitarist Hanabi receiving an insulting letter containing a photograph of a shackled girl. The sender challenges his band to meet up with them or else they will harm the girl, who is named Benki-chan. On an odd note, “Benki” translates to “urinal”. Following the song title, we see colorful shots of the band strolling through or occupying restrooms in the building where the video is filmed at. Towards the end, we get a wild fight scene between Tensai and their rival gang.

The song itself is as silly and engaging as the music video. Vocalist Cult switches between deep, snarly vocals and rapping along to lyrics consisting of random words like “QR-code” and clothing brand Gucci. Upbeat-rock verses, a pop-like chorus, and a heavy breakdown in the middle combine into one of the most unique and catchy tunes from Tensai so far.

Let us know your thoughts on this new video in the comments!

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