Sick² brings us new music in the form of a single titled DxMxFxS on April 3. Prior to its release, the band uploaded the full music video for DxMxFxS to give us a taste of intense energy!

Sick² 『D×M×F×S』MV FULL

The music video takes place in what looks like an underground fighting arena. The members are introduced one by one as they make their way into the center cage. The band is later joined by a random man who we later find out is Koriki Choshu, a famous Japanese comedian famous for his satiric wrestling persona. With bold energy, he enters the cage and begins dancing with the band, getting the fans more pumped up. Everyone’s liveliness displays the band’s gift of giving delightful performances no matter where they are!

You can already get your hands on DxMxFxS today in three editions. Types B and C contain three songs, while Type A consists of two tracks and a music video for the title track.

Group photo of Sick2 for “D×M×F×S”


Edition A


  1. D×M×F×S
  2. Ego ≠ Ego (エゴ≠エゴ)


  1. D×M×F×S Music video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Edition B


  1. D×M×F×S
  2. Ego ≠ Ego (エゴ≠エゴ)
  3. Shikijō, Aruiwa Kyōren  (色情、或いは狂恋.)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Edition C


  1. D×M×F×S
  2. Ego ≠ Ego (エゴ≠エゴ)
  3. Kami-sama wa Usotsuki Da (かみさまはうそつきだ)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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