SCAPEGOAT recently announced a resume in activities, getting back in action after previously being on hiatus since November 2018 due to the departure of drummer Tatsuki. In conjunction with the band’s revival, they also revealed that drummer U, previously known as SETSUNA from MORRIGAN, has joined the band. With the void now being filled, the band finally released their anticipated single Rabuka today, on April 24, their first release with the new line-up. However, with U taking in charge of the drums, what changes in terms of sound and style have we met with so far?

Judging from the latest title track Rabuka, the song itself offers a foreboding and mischievous rock sound in the verse that takes a lighter turn in the chorus, a motif we’ve seen the band use many times before. We also had a close listen to U’s drums, which wasn’t particularly much different in playstyle compared to SCAPEGOAT’s previous drummer Tatsuki, in fact, it feels more of a continuation of where drummer Tatsuki left off. Saying that however, it’s also too early to pinpoint what exactly the differences are between the two drummers. It’ll be interesting to hear, that’s for sure!

In conclusion, if you’ve been a fan of SCAPEGOAT you’ll likely love them as much as you did before. They sound just as excellent as they did and we can’t wait to hear more from this new line-up!

Now, if you haven’t already, listen to Rabuka yourself, but be aware, in the music video we see a schoolgirl enjoying her daily life, only to reveal that she’s been killed, tied up, and sexually assaulted.

Rabuka (ラブカ)

Type A


  1. Rabuka (ラブカ)
  2. Okashiku Natchau (おかしくなっちゃう)


  1. Rabuka Music Video

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Type B


  1. Rabuka (ラブカ)
  2. Okashiku Natchau (おかしくなっちゃう)

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