Earlier last month, nekomanju teased us with a promising music video preview for Hai ni Naru Made. It was only a matter of time, but nekomanju have finally revealed the full music video for it, which also doubles as the name of their first single out on April 17.

The preview provided us with a high energy chorus and you’ll be happy to know that energy is continued throughout! The location doesn’t change here either with the band still performing in the middle of a waterlogged construction site.

The grittiness of Kota’s vocals, the technicality of guitarist Cazqui, the bass slapping from bassist SHINGO, and the relentlessness in FUMIYA’s drumming makes for a brilliant display of showmanship.

Only the difference now is there are a whole host of visual effects at play with cool glitching, warping, and rain droplet effects, along with negative imaging and film grain, amongst many others. All of these elements come together to create an incredibly stylish music video that will have your eyes transfixed to the screen throughout!

Hai ni Naru Made (ハイにナルマデ)


  1. Hai ni Naru Made (ハイにナルマデ)
  2. Kami, Sakanadete BOY (神、逆撫でBOY)


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Official Website
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