Up-and-coming band NAZARE makes a comeback shortly after the release of their magnificent first full album Jingai. This time around, we are talking about an eight-track mini-album titled Jingai BEYOND to be live-distributed on April 28. Additionally, another venue-limited CD titled Jingai CODA will be distributed on June 16 containing three tracks.

Unfortunately for fans overseas, the album Jingai BEYOND is only available at the band’s tour final to be held on April 28 at Ikebukuro EDGE. The CD production is once again limited to a certain amount of copies being only 250. The good news is the band was really happy to announce their live concert sold out!

NAZARE 会場限定Mini ALBUM「荊海 BEYOND」preview

NAZARE recently shared an audio digest of the whole thing giving us an idea of what kind of sound they are going for in this upcoming project titled Jingai BEYOND. The band also provided a lyric video for one of Issei’s compositions on the album, the last song in the tracklist Muujihi na Soukuu (無慈悲な蒼空). The video is full of eye-catching imagery such as city life, nature, or the open skies. On the other hand, the song blends perfectly with the footage shown on the video as vocalist Mio delivers emotional singing in a beautiful chorus full of high notes.

NAZARE - 無慈悲な蒼空(Lyric Video)

Update 2019-05-21: Updated with the tracklist of the upcoming live-limited single Jingai CODA. The CD will be released at the band’s one-man tour final at Takadanobaba AREA on July 16.


Live-limited edition


  1. Keibetsu sa reta aijou to, (軽蔑された愛情と、)
  2. Beyond the lost happiness
  3. neglect
  4. Mary (メアリ)
  5. Yuigon (遺言)
  6. Kamoku to Nemuri Honrou (寡黙と眠り翻弄)
  7. Break it down
  8. Muujihi na Soukuu (無慈悲な蒼空)

Buy at venue (sold out)

Jingai CODA

Live-limited edition


  1. baku (駁)
  2. Sense of distrust
  3. Nare no Hate (成れの果て)

Buy at venue

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