AKi, best known as the bassist for rock phenom SID, broke his solo project’s recent silence with a rocking new music video preview for upcoming single Monolith!

The video is sharp and shocking with its use of greyscale, flashing lights and energetic sound. Monolith fits right in with AKi’s usual flavor of pop-punk rock and is sure to become a favorite for tour setlists. AKi is keeping us in suspense as far as a release date and types are concerned, but the fact that this video is only a web version of the upcoming track hints at exciting developments to come.

A video preview is not the only news AKi has in store for us. With the release of the video, he announced a month-long tour beginning on July 2 at Thunder Snake ATSUGI, and concluding on July 24 at Shinjuku BLAZE. Though the tour is called Monolith as well, he is sure to parade many of his energetic hits from previous albums for some stunning shows.

With so much good news already, AKi and SID fans are in for an unforgettable summer.

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