Wataru, the eccentric musician known for his gorgeous tattoos and a very liberal take on gender has left LIPHLICH, a band he helped found, in January 2019. When he was departing from the band, it really looked like Wataru was done with bass for good, or at least with band life. Two months later he’s back, resurfacing on social media under the handle @RUCO_inc.

We are not quite sure what it is that he’s going to be doing yet. So far, it looks like more of the usual. “GENDER FREE / MAKE UP / BEAUTY / HEALTH / TATTOO / FETISH / HIGH HEELS / BASS”, his Twitter spells out, all things he’s been known for loving, engaging in and promoting in the past.

My name is Shindou Wataru. I’ve taken a new step forward,” he says in his first tweet.

For now, he is scheduled to appear at zoisite‘s obsidian talk show with Ryo (HOLLOWGRAM) in May. He will also be playing bass for YURA’s solo tour this fall.

He returns with a stunning new photoshoot—take a look. His love for make-up, high heels, and revealing outfits clearly hasn’t gone anywhere. In a tweet he conveys how he feels about his new revealed image:

These pictures are a piece of a world I’ve always wanted to capture. Finally I could take them, they’re very much “like me”.

If you’re looking forward to seeing what Wataru has in store for his comeback, make sure to follow his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Does Wataru’s reemergence come as a surprise to you, or were you expecting it? Are you excited? Let us know!

More info:
Twitter (Wataru Shindou)
Instagram (Wataru Shindou)

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