UNiTE. have your ticket to a magical journey in their music video for “believe it or not”. The band released their latest single earlier this month on March 6,  but kept us in anticipation of the visuals until now. UNiTE. delivers a delightful vibe with pastel aesthetics and a neon amusement park. This video features English subtitles as well!

“believe it or not” isn’t UNiTE.’s first song about their truly heartwarming connection with their fans, but the sprinkling of fanciful words and playful English phrases gives this track a fresh spin. The video begins with vocalist Yui inviting the listener to his “world”, a wishful “possibility” that seems to encapsulate everything good in the world at once, represented as a neon amusement park. There is something spirited and childish about this number with its references to “sparkling records”, turning stones into diamonds at a touch, and spinning merry-go-rounds.

UNiTE. is adept in using optimism as their defining force. Even the title, “believe it or not”, dares the listener to recognize that such a wonderful world is possible. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to set aside realism for the sake of some childish fun. “Please don’t just be about ‘seeing is believing’”, Yui says in the first pre-chorus, “‘cause it’s boring if that’s all there is!”.

The band has also updated their official profile with new artist photos, just as colorful and eclectic as always!

“believe it or not” is a breath of fresh air guaranteed to brighten any day. UNiTE.’s upcoming events include instore release events and their 8th Anniversary one-man live on March 30. Get all the details on their official website.

believe it or not


  1. believe it or not (ビリブオアノ)
  2. hanare miru (離見)
  3. silence dreamer
  4. believe it or not (ビリブオアノ) (off vo.)
  5. hanare miru (離見) (off vo.)
  6. silence dreamer (off vo.)

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