It’s been announced that Katsuya has formed a new band named SLOTHREAT! He was previously the guitarist for the metal band CodeRebirth and is currently also active as the guitarist, composer, sound engineer, and creator of solo project Misanthropist.

The lineup is former LAST CALIX vocalist KAZ, guitarist Katsuya, and former “Sailing Before The Wing” member Takaya on guitar, and bassist Seki. Vocalist KAZ has also been contributing to Katsuya’s solo project Misanthropist, so it’s not too big of a surprise we see him in the line-up.

The band will release their first mini-album Allium digitally on April 27. It will also be available physically, but only as a venue-limited edition on May 11. This will be on the same day as their first performance titled “Worlds Apart” at TSUTAYA O-Crest, with details yet to be announced.

They also revealed their first music video Souge, an impressive sounding song with heavy and melodic guitars, and expressive vocals. Here they perform in a room full of chairs as a woman in white targets each of the band members, with her presence alone damaging them in the process. You can definitely expect this and more information on the release in the weeks to come!

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