Late last year saw nekomanju, formed by ex-NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST guitarist Cazqui, release venue-limited single Dogmatic Kaika in February. Fast forward a few weeks now and the band has confirmed that their first single, Hai ni Naru Made, will be sold exclusively at TOWER RECORDS stores and online shop on April 17!

In order to give a sneak peek into what title track Hai ni Naru Made will sound like, they have revealed a 1-minute music video preview! It’s here that audiences will see nekomanju performing in front of a construction site while rain falls on a dull and dreary, muddy, day.

How does the song fair up though? You’ll be glad to hear that it’s pretty good and evident that they’re going for a rap-rock approach with a high energy chorus.

Hai ni Naru Made (γƒγ‚€γ«γƒŠγƒ«γƒžγƒ‡)


  1. Hai ni Naru Made (γƒγ‚€γ«γƒŠγƒ«γƒžγƒ‡)
  2. Kami, Sakanadete BOY (η₯žγ€ι€†ζ’«γ§BOY)


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Official Website
Twitter (Cazqui)
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Instagram (Cazqui)

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