Leetspeak monsters will release their third maxi-single 13th Friday night on April 3 and have now revealed the music video for the title track! This single release will be available in regular and limited edition with three new songs included on each—the third track being unique to each edition. The limited edition will also contain a DVD of the music video for 13th Friday night and the band’s outfit photo shoot.

Leetspeak monsters『13th Friday night』MV FULL

The music video’s story follows a little girl who enters a dark and creepy house, unaware that the band members are closely watching her around every corner, as she checks out her surroundings.

Bassist Euskyss keeping a watchful eye on the unknowing and wandering girl

Said girl then finds the food-covered dinner table in which the band members were previously seated. As she gives in to temptation and bites into the presented food, menacing colored monsters appear out of thin air and the girl stumbles upon the band as they break into the chorus.

One of many menacing monsters that lurk the mansion

Next, we see our main character sitting on the floor as vocalist D13 goes into a rap breakdown. This is before finally bringing the house down with everyone gathering to dance to the banger as the girl on-looks with a smile.

All the monsters gather to party down in the hall for the final time

You can certainly expect to be in for a fun time whenever any of Leetspeak monster’s music videos come out. This is no different as Halloween is every day for them!

If you haven’t noticed already, you may recognise some familiar faces lurking around in the music video, but can you guess who?

The real mon-stars of the show. Top left to right: milk, SAN. Bottom left to right: Luchat, Mira.

Does nothing come to mind? Nothing at all? Well, we can confirm that LACK-CO’s guitarists milk and SAN, and UNDEUX’s vocalist Mira and drummer Luchat, feature in the music video!

Leetspeak monsters are surrounded by chandeliers in “13th Friday night” artist photo

13th Friday night

Regular edition


  1. 13th Friday night
  2. Escort
  3. Before you cry

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Limited edition


  1. 13th Friday night
  2. Escort
  3. Life


  1. 13th Friday night music video
  2. Outfit and new look photoshoot

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon


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