With DADAROMA’s single ‘Dendrobium’ being around the corner, going on sale April 17, the band has now revealed the music video preview for the psychedelically neon ‘Dendrobium’. A fluorescent feast for the eyes and an exciting song!

DADAROMA「デンドロビューム」MV Spot

The visuals see the band covered from head to toe in fluorescent paint, including their instruments, and vibrant clothing, taking its queues from rave culture. A woman is also seen smothering orange paint all over her body as she engages in interpretive dance.

They even go as far as implementing happy hardcore elements into their sound, with the same daunting and creepy synths that pop up from time to time in DADAROMA’s music.

You will find the single ‘Dendrobium’ in stores on April 17 available in two types. Type A contains two songs and the music video for ‘Dendrobium’ on DVD, however, type B has just three songs in total.

Please do yourself a favor and take a look at the awesome-looking artist photos!

Artist photo for ‘Dendrobium’


Type A


  1. ‘Dendrobium’
  2. Saigo ni Dakishimeta Anata wa Sukoshi Naiteita (最後に抱きしめたあなたは少し泣いていた)


  1. ‘Dendrobium’ Music Video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Type B


  1. ‘Dendrobium’
  2. Saigo ni Dakishimeta Anata wa Sukoshi Naiteita (最後に抱きしめたあなたは少し泣いていた)
  3. Sute Neko no Rondo (捨て猫のロンド)

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (Yoshiatsu) (よしあつ)
Twitter (Takashi) (太嘉志)
Twitter (Tomo) (朋)
Twitter (Ryohei) (諒平)
Instagram (Yoshiatsu) (よしあつ)
Instagram (Tomo) (朋)
Instagram (Takashi) (太嘉志)

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