It wasn’t too long ago rock band Vivarush started reaching out to the overseas audience with their sparkling, glittery, and oshare style. Their approachable personalities in combination with catchy music really resonated with their target audience, and the result of that has built the five-man band a loyal fanbase, both abroad and in Japan. At the show I went to, Ruido, Osaka, you could find a group of hard-core fans at the front, donning striking pink shirts with “VRSH” print at the back. You might have also figured out that these people were one step above everyone else in terms of enthusiasm.

With such high-spirited band as Vivarush, you never really know what to expect since most of the time they can be very spontaneous (we’ll talk more about that later). Thus, I was quite curious to see what impression this show would leave me. Spoiler alert, it was hella fun!

Vivarush has a really unique way of interacting with their fans on stage, it’s a type of connection that is almost exclusive to bands who are still in their indie phase. A lot more open, and as I mentioned earlier, very approachable. There’s a lot of chatter and eye-to-eye interaction, but at one point during the concert, it almost felt like a fun comedy show. Unlike bands like Golden Bomber who sometimes uses obscene humor (nudity) to crack a joke, these guys are more like class clowns at school, the people who would do all the unpredictable stunts and say random things just to snatch a burst of innocent laughter out of you.

Specifically, when they performed the energetic and fun song Natural Bicycle, the band suddenly paused in the middle of it. This was to allow vocalist Ruimaru to casually speak with the audience and crack jokes—which he always succeed in. As well as doing silly activities, like unifying the crowd by asking them to crouch and later jump on command. The jokes and the instructions may differ too from concert to concert, so you never really know what you will get. This is actually a big part of what makes Vivarush so appealing, and Vivarush probably feel the same considering the band spent almost 10 minutes performing the guerilla skit, and that is on a 30-minute show (at a multi-band event).

Because of how spontaneous they can be during the Natural Bicycle act, it is also very unpredictable how much time they will be able to spend on their very last song Giga Lover Cherry Heart. Guess what their solution was? They decided to master the song at various speed and play it according to the time they had left. At this show, they spent a bit too much time on Natural Bicycle and ended up playing Giga Lover Cherry Heart in a significantly faster tempo than the original pace. However, the fans didn’t mind it at all and simply went along with it, waving their hands, headbanging, and dancing at an incredible speed, which was quite impressive to see.

I’m glad I was able to enjoy such an out-of-the-ordinary show, something that is truly hard to find in the western side of the world. This will definitely not be my last Vivarush show!


  1. Gang March (ギャングマーチ)
  2. Odora sareta jinsei (踊らされた人生)
  3. Natural Bicycle (ナチュラルバイセコー)
  4. Mademoiselle (マドモアゼル)
  5. Giga Lover Cherry Heart ♡ (ギガラバチェリハート♡)

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