Misanthropist, the solo project of former CodeRebirth guitarist Katsuya, will release a physical version of single Euthanasia at his Shibuya Cyclone performance on March 9. It will be digitally released on Apple Music, Spotify, LINE MUSIC, and many other online streaming platforms on March 16.

This will come with song Euthanasia and its instrumental counterpart, however, the instrumental will only be available on the physical version. It has also been confirmed that the guest vocalists will consist of Hisatsune from Lumber Coated Rust and Rival Echo, and Toshiki from Mirrors and Hostile Eyes who will feature on the track. The artwork for the single is by Ryusei who created DIMLIM’s artwork for CHEDOARA.

The event titled -ALOOFEDEN- will bring together seven bands in total, all of which Katsuya has worked with. Alongside this, opening act CATHARSIS consists of former CodeRebirth members Katsuya and vocalist Keita—who is now in Far East Dizain. Supporting them will be Sigma Memoria’s bassist Rai and DIMLIM’s drummer Hiroshi.

This is followed by bands such as DIMLIM, abstracts, Sable Hills, ovEnola, Fade In Solitude, and finally, Misanthropist. Vocalist kneeya who’s featured on Misanthropist’s songs before is now in ovEnola so you can expect some of the setlist to consist of songs he’s on!

Flyer for Misanthropist’s live event “-ALOOFEDEN-“

To give some background on Misanthropist, it was back in 2014 when CodeRebirth disbanded which saw vocalist Keita forming a band with former DELUHI guitarist Leda and drummer Sujk the following year. Bassist NOBU went on to establish clothing label OXIGENO while Ryu hasn’t returned to the scene since.

We missed one person however and that is guitarist and composer Katsuya who now works as an audio engineer and went on to form solo project Misanthropist. So far he has released two singles titled Solace and UNWISH, and an EP Misanthropy, all of which are available via digital media stores. If you like NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST, you’ll definitely like this!

In regards to his EP Misanthropy, he mentions in an interview with Japanese rock website Gekirock that he has used guest vocalists for each of his releases. An example of this is Solace which had Hisatsune from Lumber Coated Rust do the shout vocals and former LAST CALIX vocalist KAZ do the clean vocals. UNWISH uses Hisatsune along with former Sailing Before The Wind and now ovEnola vocalist, kneeya.

His EP Misanthropy brought in Hisatsune again for all the vocal tracks. This is while Hiro from NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST lends his voice to second track Souleater, then kneeya for third track Grief, and KAZ for fourth track Misanthropy.

He also mentions that he admires guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz from Killswitch Engage due to his activities as a producer and recording engineer and drummer Ryo, formerly of girugamesh, a band he was a big fan of. When he read an interview about the album NOW, it stated that Ryo had done the mix and since then, he has been interested in engineering.


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  1. Euthanasia
  2. Euthanasia (Instrumental)

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Digital Edition


  1. Euthanasia

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