New content from La’veil MizeriA will be coming to fans in the form of an album! On March 20, 2019Higyakushoku no Shuuen (悲虐色ノ終焉) will mark the release of La’veil MizeriA’s first full album! At the moment, the title and release date are the only information we have, but we will keep you updated when the band reveals more details!

Update 2019-02-17: Album preview now available.

To go with the announcement of this special news, La’veil MizeriA have updated their social media profiles and official website with new looks! Below you can see the members posing in elegant black clothing behind red flowers.

Group photo of La’veil MizeriA for “Higyakushoku no Shuuen” (悲虐色ノ終焉)

Are there any songs from previous releases that you hope will make it to the tracklist? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

Higyakushoku no Shuuen (悲虐色ノ終焉)

Regular edition


  1. To be announced


  1. To be announced

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