As Vivarush started gaining popularity across the globe, we wanted to know more about their success. We were lucky enough to sit down with Keita to find out more, the CEO of Vivarush’s record label KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT”. As you will notice in the interview later, KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT has a big focus on the overseas market. As such, the interview was partially conducted in English where Keita himself answered in English.

We appreciate the time you’ve taken off for this interview today. Please start by introducing yourself.
My name is Keita and I am the CEO of the record label KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT where I am in charge of managing and promoting artists like Vivarush. I also hold events.

You mentioned you’re working with the band Vivarush, the oshare kei band. Is this the kind of music and style KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT focuses on?
Any type of music is okay, but at the moment, we want to focus on bands with a catchy sound. It can be whatever as long as it’s catchy.

What is your dream as the CEO of KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT?
My company is based in Osaka so we want the visual kei scene to grow bigger in the Kansai region. We also want to go overseas!

Any specific place, like America, or somewhere in Europe?
Anywhere! We want to play wherever the fans want us to play. We will consider any opportunity given by organizers overseas, so please get in touch with us at KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT, or V STAR PROMOTION.

This perfectly leads to our next question! Your work with Vivarush involves promoting the band not only in Japan, but overseas as well. Not a lot of bands do this, what made you decide to take this approach?
I think visual kei is a small business in Japan but we want to reach out to people all over the world! We would also like to one day hold an event on a big stage overseas.

Couldn’t you do that in Japan?
Of course, we could, but my image of foreign continents such as America and Europe is that in these places we could perform in front of a larger audience, and I believe it would generate a more heated live.

If Vivarush performed at a music festival overseas, what foreign acts would you like to place in the festival lineup?
Lady Gaga [laugh]. In terms of foreign bands, there is no one really similar to Vivarush. It would be fun to form a band like Vivarush in America, like an American oshare kei band. Rather than a festival though, it would be great to see Vivarush perform at anime conventions. That would be a really good match.

Have you made any plans yet for Vivarush to embark on a tour outside of Japan?
There are no plans at the moment but maybe one day. It’s definitely something I’ve wanted to pursue. Vivarush is quite special in Japan, as they even accept invitations for high school festival events. They’re honestly open to anything and are happy to play for their DREAMERS (fans).

How are you planning on appealing to the overseas fans in the west?
We will work closely with V STAR PROMOTION to make that happen. For example, currently, Vivarush has released music videos with English subtitles to allow our foreign fans to not only enjoy the music—but the lyrics too. Both me and Ruimaru, Vivarush’s vocalist, also started taking English lessons, and the Vivarush Facebook page shares content in English.

How has the reception been so far for Vivarush’s Facebook page?
Very good! Even I have created my own personal Facebook account.

What image do you have of foreign fans because of Facebook?
Very excited, energetic, powerful, and dedicated!

How do they compare to Japanese fans?
Japanese fans will just share with their friends and family while overseas fans will share that information with anybody.

Why do you think this is the case?
Most likely because Japanese people are shy in general. We have previously done a campaign with Vivarush where they would send flyers overseas to anybody who wants them. Anybody that hands out 50 flyers and takes photos as evidence will get a handwritten message from the band. Because of this, some fans are going to conventions or concerts to hand them out to total strangers. In Japan, people wouldn’t go to such length.

Do you have any final words before we end?
Vivarush and I want to go overseas to perform in other countries. They want to talk and share their love with fans and experience international food and drink. As I mentioned earlier, both Ruimaru and I are currently learning English in order to better communicate with those overseas. Please continue to keep an eye out on KERBEROS ENTERTAINMENT and our work with Vivarush!

We would like to share our appreciation to Keita for taking his time off even on a busy schedule, just to talk with us, and we hope to see Vivarush on an overseas tour soon!

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