So, here we are! Way late into the start of the new year and at half staff. Let’s just take that as a sign that we are working on bringing you the very best we can down the road. Or, we’re all just really lazy and slow when it comes to editing. Regardless, let’s jump into this one!

We’ll be looking at the current state of the Japanese rock scene, including visual kei and making our own predictions of where it may go. Our predictions are also a little wish filled too. We haven’t forgotten about you or the news, so we’ll drop some small stories and read some of your comments to get the discussion going. Hold your noses!

Moreover, some of you might already know, but our podcast is available to listen on every major podcast platform, such as iTunes, Google Podcast, Spotify, and many more!

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Looking to the future of Jrock and visual kei - JROCK ONSEN Ep.12

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