It’s officially a new year, everything is winding down and somehow you made it all the way here with us. First and foremost, my deepest gratitude to those of you who have listened to any of our podcasts, be it passively or as an active fan. Seriously, thank you. It really wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Now that I have kissed up to y’all enough, let’s get into the hot and sweaty. Like the title says, this month we will look at some of our favorites through the year 2018 of JROCK NEWS. A little discussion here and there. It’s a pretty laid back and tame one. One final push to get you to look at some of our more interesting stories. Jump in, trust me the water is much warmer than this winter weather. Not that warm though.

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Our favorite top stories of 2018 - JROCK ONSEN Ep. 11

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