Visual kei air band Golden Bomber is preparing the release of single Gagagagagagaga that is expected to be out on February 20. The release itself was announced back in December but it isn’t until now we’re able to know more about it. With the latest update, the tracklist and artwork have been unveiled. The single will come with two songs, title-track Gagagagagagaga, and Konnichiwa kodoku, with the addition of an instrumental version of each song.

At this point, you might also be curious about the silly title Gagagagagagaga. The reason for this is because the title-track is featured as the theme song for the comedy TV drama series Tokusatsu Gagaga, a live-action adaptation of the manga counterpart. The series follows an office lady named Kano Nakamura who is a total nerd when it comes to Tokusatsu (a unit of heroes, similar to Power Rangers). She tries to live by the Tokusatsu moral code and even skip out on social events just to keep up with the TV show. This however proves to be a difficult lifestyle to hold on to when Kano Nakamura is met by social pressure from various directions.

You can already get a preview of the song through the 2-minute promotional video of Tokusatsu Gagaga located on the TV drama’s website.

Tokusatsu Gagaga will start airing on January 18, at 22:00 on NHK.

Tokusatsu Gagaga promotion image featuring Kano Nakamura, and Shishileo.



  1. Gagagagagagaga
  2. Konnichiwa kodoku
  3. Gagagagagagaga (Original Karaoke)
  4. Konnichiwa kodoku (Original Karaoke)

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