Pentagon took us through single Culture Shock before its January 23 release with a single preview showcasing a variety of songs. This has now led the band to follow it up with the music video preview for Culture Shock, harking back to a time where CRT televisions were a thing, making the visuals undeniably retro.

ペンタゴン「カルチャーショック」MV SPOT

The combination of colorful dark lighting, and costuming, sets the mood extremely well. Even more so, the powerful and impactful nature of the song drives all these elements home. It’s also interesting to watch in this day and age as it’s not very often we see this decade portrayed in visual kei.

Culture Shock (カルチャーショック)

Type A


  1. Culture Shock (カルチャーショック)
  2. 27


  1. Culture Shock Music Video and Off Shot

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Type B


  1. Culture Shock (カルチャーショック)
  2. 27
  3. Lonely One

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