Ohayo Gozaimasu celebrates the new year with a silly, yet catchy metal music video #money_anthem, in where the band tells a tale of the negative effects of money. They follow the life of a salaryman who once had a normal life but ended up penniless when he got fired from his office job. In association with the release, the band took the opportunity to execute aย free download Twitter campaignโ€”in other words, a PR stuntโ€”to promote the release.

Since the campaign is all about the negative effects of money, the band took the natural course to distribute the song for free. However, before giving it away you will first need to share their music video on Twitter to receive a password to unlock the download. After all, we did call this a PR stunt, didn’t we?

Here’s how you can receive the song for free. Make sure to do this before January 31.

    1. Watch the music videoย #money_anthem.ย Make sure your Twitter account is able to accept Direct Messages (DM) from anyone. You can double check by going into the settings page.
    2. Share the music video on Twitter, include the hashtag and the link to the music video:

      #money_anthemย youtu.be/jKDVy2iKv1w

    3. Give it a few minutes and you should have received a DM with the password in it. The message will be in Japanese, but all you need to is to copy the very last word, the password. Then, head over to the description of the music video to find the download link. Use the password to access the files. That’s it!

Don’t forget to also watch the band’s previous music video Majime ni yaru, which is the prequel to #money_anthem.

More info:
Official Website
Twitterย (Utsu)
Twitterย (Nagi)
Twitterย (Saba)

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