NoGoD will return on April 10 with a new mini-album titled Shingeki (神劇) after a long break. This will be the first audio material from the band in almost two years, with their previous release being album proof. Additionally, this will also be the first release without longtime bass player Karin who departed on January 2018. We are definitely looking forward to what NoGoD has to offer after the loss of such an important piece in their line-up.

The upcoming mini-album is now available for pre-order in general stores and will contain six new songs. The band recently unveiled their new profile pictures with all four members fully dressed in black clothes and a red armband. Vocalist Dancho stands out as usual with his pale characteristic facial make-up.

Alternative shot of NoGoD’s new look!


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  1. masque
  2. Borderline
  3. Cyan (シアン)
  4. far away
  5. DOOR
  6. Ssoshite Bbutai wa Ttsuzuku (そして舞台は続く)

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Kirye)
Twitter (Shinno)
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