NIGHTMARE’s Ni~ya announces first album release with his solo project BULL FIELD. The album titled BATTLE FIELD is set to release February 6 and will be Ni~Ya’s first official CD release since NIGHTMARE began their hiatus at the end of 2016. The album is effectively a mini-album with only six tracks and includes album versions of songs DON’T LOOK BACK and BRIGHT—these songs were previously released as a live limited only singles in October.

Ni~ya isn’t doing this solo project alone as he has two supporting members who he has worked with previously—RAZOR’s guitarist Kouryu and drummer Tetuya. Together, they have four Japan live shows scheduled for this year on the little HEARTS. Tour Edition vol.12 in February and March.

NIGHTMARE may be on hiatus, but in the meantime, this hasn’t stopped the members from exploring their individual music paths with side projects and activities. Each member has had their turn to announce their side projects; vocalist Yomi with TAKE NO BREAK, guitarist Hitsugi with GREMLINS, guitarist Sakito with JAKIGAN MEISTER, and drummer Ruka with The LEGENDARY SIX NINE. It wasn’t until the announcement of little HEARTS. 10th Anniversary Special Live—with Nightmare members as guest performers—that Ni~ya finally had his chance to reveal his side project. However, Ni~ya has kept himself busy since the start of NIGHTMARE’s hiatus by acting as support bassist for; JAKIGAN MEISTER, whom he is currently on tour with; Rice who is comprised of former Raphael members Yuki and Hiro; and HAKUEI’s project HAKUEIMAN in which he also took part in the recording of single Moumoku no koi wa dokubari de eien ni~case by brave Ni~ya man~ (盲目の恋は毒針で永遠に~case by brave Ni~ya man~). Ni~ya’s a busy man, and he’s just about to get busier. Let’s hope they all aren’t too busy to resume NIGHTMARE activities eventually!


Regular Edition


  3. DON’T LOOK BACK (B.F ver.)
  4. R.I.P
  6. BRIGHT (B.F ver.)

More info:
NIGHTMARE Official Website
Twitter (Ni~ya)

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