A new band named Roman Kyouko has emerged from the ashes of some inactive groups. The band is composed of well-known faces of the visual kei scene including member Izumi from Sibilebashir on vocals, TøRU from SEX ANDROID on guitar, Karin from NoGoD on bass, and last but not least, Tsuyoshi from Very Berry on drums.

The music video for their first single Hakidame no Melody (掃き溜めのメロディ) is already out, in which we can clearly hear the diverse influence coming from such an unexpected line-up. It is most notable the punk style of the former SEX ANDROID guitarist Toru, and Karin’s intricate technique that was so characteristic in his 13 years in NoGoD. On the visual aspect, we’re happy to see bassist Karin readopting the feminine look while vocalist Izumi is the main attraction with his grotesque look and facial expressions.

Watch the music video below and get your hands on the aforementioned single on May 22, or a few days earlier at the band’s live at Tsutaya O-WEST on May 19.


More info:
Official website
Official website (TøRU)
Twitter (Izumi)
Twitter (Karin)
Twitter (Tsuyoshi)
Instagram (Izumi)
Instagram (TøRU)
Instagram (Karin)

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