Leading up to the release of their new album CHAIN, Vexent has released the full-length music video for their song Saigo no shirushi (最後のしるし) to promote the album. This song has previously been released as a b-side track to Vexent’s sixth single #CARRY, and will also be included on the new b-side collection album due to be released January 16, 2019.

The music video presents a softened side of Vexent who match their casual street-fashion style with the bouncy electronic rock melody of the song. This song is strongly lead by clear vocals, contrasting against the deep and husky vocals and growls of their previous releases. It’s commonplace for b-side tracks to be used as a platform for bands to demonstrate their ability at being variable in sound—so this album is a great chance to see Vexent display their multitude of talents.

If you follow the band, you may have noticed a lacking fifth member in this music video’s line up. Since August of this year, Vexent has been performing as a four-piece band after the band made an announcement on Twitter regarding the departure of their guitarist, UI.

Continue below, to find the music video for Saigo no shirushi (最後のしるし), Vexent’s new look photo, and the full album tracklist:

Vexent’s new look for “CHAIN” album


Regular edition


  1. Saigo no shirushi (最後のしるし)
  2. Stupid pain
  3. Liquid
  4. Greed
  5. Dystopia
  7. Solitude
  8. Kono uta ga sukoshi dake sukutte kureru (この詩が少しだけ救ってくれる)
  9. Care

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