The four-man band Sengoku Jidai -The age of civil wars- released music video Hana Kogane Saki Midareru, a music video true to the traditional Japanese theme that the band’s concept is based on. The song comes from the newly released album “THE STORY OF Sengoku Jidai – The age of civil wars – GAME COLLECTION” which went on sale earlier this month, although it being a compilation album, three of the songs included are entirely new.

If you’re interested in visiting the location where The age of civil wars filmed the music video, jot down the name Kitakamakura Houan (Tea House & Retreat “Houan” in Kita-Kamakura) so you can plan for your next trip to Kamakura, Japan. The tea house featured in the music video was constructed back in 1934 and is surrounded by a beautiful and elegant garden. You can learn more about the tea house on Kitakamakura Houan’s website or Facebook.

To get your blood rushing, The age of civil wars also recently uploaded the rocking music video Kaen no SaGa! This song serves as the opening track for the new album.

THE STORY OF Sengoku Jidai – The age of civil wars – GAME COLLECTION


  1. Kaen no SaGa
  2. Kugutsu no Kazoeuta
  3. Hana Kogane Saki Midareru
  4. Aizen Myouou
  5. Senyuu
  6. Monster
  7. Rinne no Hana
  9. Senjou
  10. Dancing Samurai Soul

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