POIDOL will get in their first release of 2019 with single LIPS due out on January 9 in two types. Type A totals up to two songs and a DVD containing the music video for LIPS, its off shot, and three live songs from their first anniversary and Nana Ayase’s birthday performance. This is while type B only has three songs.

The band has also revealed the music video for the title track! Here we see vocalist Nana Ayase aggressively dance as the rest of the members perform the song.

That’s not it however as we also have a song preview for the single. LIPS is illustrated in all its glory above, moving onto Houtai Tenshi chan that is bound to get audiences jumping and chanting. Final song Kuusou Gurai is darker and heavier than previous songs featured, providing an interesting mix-up.

Another thing to note is that they now have a new drummer named Takuto Minazuki who joined just in time for single AQUA BLUE. This comes after their previous drummer Ryo Hoshino who left in April.

Check their artist photos, tracklist, and artwork below!

POIDOL take to the bar for “LIPS” artist photo


Type A


  1. LIPS
  2. Houtai Tenshi chan


  1. LIPS Music Video and Off Shot
  2. POIDOL 2nd ONEMAN 1st Anniversary & Nana Ayase ‘Blue Menou’ at TSUTAYA O-WEST. 1. Yonayona Baka wo Miru 2. Bang!!Bambina!! 3. Que Sera, Sera

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Type B


  1. LIPS
  2. Houtai Tenshi chan
  3. Kuusou Gurai

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