It’s no secret that Pentagon will release single Culture Shock next year but before that let us go back a bit. On February 7, Pentagon released Hankou Seimei with the regular edition containing three songs in total. One of those songs was Good Bye and now its been turned into a manga lyric video complete with animations! Released on December 25, this isn’t inherently a Christmas song but because of the date, it hammers home the idea that much more.

ペンタゴン「グッド・バイ」Lyric Video

Despite its cheery disposition, the content is not. This follows the aftermath of a couple’s breakup with the man sitting head down, TV on, and cans of beers on the table in his apartment. The snow is falling heavily outside and its here he reminisces about the happy times he had with the woman. That time they bought cake home, a morning where she smiled while laying in bed, and the various exchanges they had during the relationship.

If you ever wanted to destroy your soul inside out this holiday season, this is the song for you. Be sure to keep your eye on Pentagon in 2019!

Hankou Seimei (反抗声明)

Regular Edition


  1. Hankou Seimei (反抗声明)
  2. Yotogi Banashi (夜伽話)
  3. Goodbye (グッド・バイ)

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Limited Edition


  1. Hankou Seimei (反抗声明)
  2. Yotogi Banashi (夜伽話)


  1. Hankou Seimei Music Video
  2. Hankou Seimei Music Video off shot
  3. Three songs from their 47 prefectures JAPAN TOUR “WONDER: LAST” TOUR FINAL and Minpha’s birthday

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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