December has come and many bands are cementing their plans for next year, Pentagon is no different! The band has announced that they will release single Culture Shock on January 23 in two types!

Type A has two songs with the music video for Culture Shock and its off shot, this is while type B only has three songs in total. Even though we’re pretty far off from its release, we now have a preview for the single!


The first song is the fist-pumping, chant-filled Culture Shock with its extremely catchy chorus. This allows us to hear vocalist Chizuru hit his high notes as he sings “Let it go!” multiple times. It’s then followed up by the jazzy and heartfelt 27 that’ll get your hands swaying and feet moving. Finally, we have the melancholic Lonely One which has a far-off, distant feel, appropriate for such a name.

They also have ’80s inspired artist photos to accompany the release. Take a look below!

Culture Shock (カルチャーショック)

Type A


  1. Culture Shock (カルチャーショック)
  2. 27


  1. Culture Shock Music Video and Off Shot

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Type B


  1. Culture Shock (カルチャーショック)
  2. 27
  3. Lonely One

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

More info:
Official Website

Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (Chizuru) (千吊)
Twitter (Yutori) (ゆとり)
Twitter (Taku) (拓)
Twitter (Minpha) (みんふぁ)
Twitter (Atsuki) (篤輝)
Instagram (Chizuru) (千吊)
Instagram (Yutori) (ゆとり)
Instagram (Minpha) (みんふぁ)
Instagram (Atsuki) (篤輝)
Blog (Chizuru) (千吊)
Blog (Yutori) (ゆとり)
Blog (Taku) (拓)
Blog (Minpha) (みんふぁ)
Blog (Atsuki) (篤輝)

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