Kizu released single 0 on December 12 and now they’ve revealed its respective restrictive version of the music video!

Dark and intense as always, this sees the members losing themselves to the song as they oversee a game show. This is not any old game show, however, as the contestants participating are playing a game of Russian roulette as its two hosts watch on.

Here we see each contestant pulling the trigger with a sigh of relief at first. However, their faces soon turn to absolute terror as a bullet takes its first victim and makes a bloody mess. One contestant even tries to run away but gets killed, bringing on another contestant to replace him.

One of the bloodied contestants in shock while being handed a gun

On that note, I’ll leave it for you to discover so you’ll just have to watch till the end. There is a lot that cannot be seen unfortunately due to its content which is why this is the restrictive version but this will do for now!

The song itself is easy to pin down as a ballad at first but it soon becomes clear that its far from that! 0 starts off with a melancholic and slow guitar alongside Raimu’s expressive vocals. Then in a split second, the entire band makes an entrance as the guitars turn heavy and the drums rapidly pummel in.

See the music video below!

0 [Zero]


  1. 0
  2. Warui Yume (悪い夢)

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