Welcome to December! We came up a with a brilliant idea for you while we were putting this list together; why not print it out, and pass it along to all of your loved ones? You’ll save loads of time on creating your Xmas wishlist, and they’ll know exactly what to get you for the holiday. Talk about a stroke of genius, right? No need to thank us for the idea, just enjoy this month’s release schedule then get to printing!

Date Artist Release Title Release Type Comment Details
03 Mamireta Funsaisuruzo! (粉砕するぞ!) Single Mamireta release two singles simultaneously. CDJapan
03 Mamireta Ore wo Hitsuyotosuru Hito wa Konoyo ni Inaiyo Single CDJapan
05 THE DEAD POP STARS Quick & Dead Mini-album Features five tracks. CDJapan
05 S.Q.F Sirque Du Freak 2018 – The Resonance – DVD Features the live by S.Q.F held on September 8th, 2018 at Shinjuku ReNY. CDJapan
05 ARCHEMI. A-un (阿吽) Mini-album CDJapan
05 Aimai Chudoku (曖昧中毒) Ippatsu Rokuon Desuga Otameshide Ikagadesuka Soshu Hen – Shiro Ban – Album CDJapan
05 Shiva “Mozu” (百舌鳥) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
05 Xaa-Xaa Love Letter Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
05 the god and death stars funky ghost hollywood Album Features 10 tracks. CDJapan
05 An Cafe Best 2015 – 2018 Album A greatest hits album featuring their singles Sennen Dive!!!!! through Negaigoto wa 1 tsu sa, plus all tracks in their previous albums. CDJapan
05 hide hide1998 – Last Words – Simple Edition Headwax Album Unedited tracks from the radio show “hide no All Night Nippon R” becomes available on four discs. CDJapan
05 hide HURRY GO ROUND BD/DVD Features the documentary movie for hide “HURRY GO ROUND”. CDJapan
06 BUCK-TICK THE DAY IN QUESTION 2017 BD/DVD Features BUCK-TICK’s concerts held on December 28 & 29, 2017 at Nippon Budokan. CDJapan
11 Kizu 0 [Zero] Single Kizu’s fifth single. CDJapan
11 Kizu 4th ONEMAN Sayonara 2018.9.24@Zepp TOKYO DVD Features Kizo’s 4th one-man live held on September 24, 2018, at Zepp TOKYO on CDJapan
12 Gossip “Wareware ga Gossip desu” TOUR FINAL LIVE DVD DVD Features Gossip’s concert held on August 18, 2018 at BLITZ Akasaka. CDJapan
18 Gravity Jinsei Kawatanien Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
18 BugLug KAI TAI SHIN SHO DVD BugLug’s ninth live DVD; comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 Verxina Izon Single Verxina’s second single. CDJapan
19 DELUHI DELUHISM:X Album DELUHI brings a greatest hits album, including new tracks. CDJapan
19 Kaitou Sentai Nusumunjya Noshi ((・ω・)ノシ) Single Kaitou Sentai Nusumunjya’s fourth single. CDJapan
19 cali≠gari 14 Album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 Yuuki (悠希) Zannen Nagara Ikiteiru Single Features two tracks. CDJapan
19 Yuuki (悠希) Omurasen ni Nemuru Single Features two tracks. CDJapan
19 KAMIJO Sang Live at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo BD/DVD Features “KAMIJO Live Tour 2018 -Sang- Final” held at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo on July 15, 2018. CDJapan
19 D=OUT Kingyobachi (金魚蜂) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
19 Mikansei Alice (未完成アリス) Gyakushu Cinderella (逆襲シンデレラ) Single Comes in two editons. CDJapan
19 UNDER FALL JUSTICE 2018.7.27 Ikebukuro BlackHole Chiisaki Hikari wo Tsukamaeta DVD Features the concert by UNDER FALL JUSTICE held on July 27, 2018 at Ikebukuro BlackHole. CDJapan
19 D Vampire Chronicle – V-Best Selection Vol.2 Album D brings an album with over 30 tracks on two discs. CDJapan
21 Metronome Kessei Nijyu Shunen Zenkoku Jyunrei Yapoo Sanshin Jyunrei – Yapoo ga Shokan sareta Yoru – [ 05 -> 98 -> 18 Made – 7 = 20] BD/DVD Features the final of Metronome’s 20th anniversary tour held at Toyosu PIT. CDJapan
21 Cure February 2019 Issue Magazine CDJapan
25 BAROQUE You Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
26 Shellmy Shitsurakuen (失楽園) Mini-album CDJapan
26 Bankitai (万鬼隊) Ayakashi Shichihenge (あやかし七変化 ) Single Features three tracks. CDJapan
26 GRIMOIRE Novel Fantasia Mini-album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
26 rice Mirai (ミライ) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
26 Matsutake Works (マツタケワークス) Yowai Hito Tachi (弱いひとたち) Mini-album Features seven tracks. CDJapan
26 Keel Nire to Budo no Niwa (楡と葡萄の庭) DVD Features KEEL’s concert held on August 12, 2018n at Shimokitazawa GARDEN. CDJapan
26 A9 14TH ANNIVERSARY LIVE “ALICE IN CASTLE” – Hoshi no Oji to Tsuki no Shiro – BD/DVD Features the gig by A9 held on August 25, 2018 at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST. CDJapan
26 LEZARD 5TH ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN TOUR “Shippo ni Hi wo Tsukero!!” Final 2018.7.28 Shinagawa Intercity Hall DVD Features LEZARD’s fifth anniversary one-man live at Shinagawa Intercity Hall on July 28, 2018. CDJapan
26 R-shitei (R指定) ” Erogro “ Single Features two tracks. CDJapan

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