The cheerful band Vivarush just launched a campaign to fund their music video Natural Bicycle, and to support and fund it, all you need to do is retweet one of their tweets! That’s right, you read it correctly! By retweeting this tweet here, you will help the band increase their budget by 10yen for each retweet. So in other words, the more retweets they get, the better music video they will be able to produce for you to enjoy.

While funding a campaign in this approach is quite unique and not all that natural, we do however think it was a natural decision to go with Natural Bicycle, as it is a perfect song to display what Vivarush really is all about. Their playfulness, cheerfulness, and eccentric and funny personalities are all displayed when they play this song live. For someone who has seen them live, I can ensure you that really is the case, and if you’re skeptical, you can actually see a live performance of this song in the video below.

Check out their latest music video Gang March too.

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Official Website
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