We’re sad to break the news, but with the announcement made earlier today on BABYMETAL’s website, it has now been officially confirmed that YUI (YUIMETAL) is leaving BABYMETAL after being in the group for eight years. Judging by the announcement, the decision was made by YUI herself as a result of her poor health, but also because of her desire to pursue her dream of becoming a musician under the name Mizuno Yui, rather than “YUIMETAL”.

The news however was not thrown into the wild out of nowhere, as the past recent months have been very rocky for the group. Beginning with YUI’s absence during the world tour, the rumors and signs started to stagger and even reached a somewhat of a viral peak shortly after, resulting in Youtubers and media outlets speculating the reasons behind it.

Despite the unfortunate event we’re presented with today, fans of YUI and BABYMETAL have been incredibly understanding to the situation. Instead of saturating the Twitter feed with sadness, a lot of the tweets are supportive messages, some even referencing to BABYMETAL’s “ideology” of being “ONE” (together).

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