The progressive heavy-rock sensation, sokoninaru (そこに鳴る), has officially now launched their English website! While the announcement was short, it definitely was sweet seeing how this is a major step in their efforts to appeal to their overseas audience. Prior to this, there have been small indications leaning towards a greater focus on the international market, such as news being suddenly announced in English. However, it should come to no surprise that the band is sought worldwide considering the number of English comments they get on their music videos, including their arsenal of cover songs.

The skillful band consisting of main vocalist and guitarist Juko Suzuki, and vocalist and bassist Misaki Fujiwara, has been active since 2011, although it wasn’t until the recent years the band started taking off. They’re able to boast with their music video Tenohira de odoru which garnered over 1.2 million views, as well with the latest music video re:program that already gathered around 150 thousand views in just two months!

If you haven’t listened to their music yet, now is a great time to do that as we will hopefully see more activities of the band shared in English!

sokoninaru – Tenohira de odoru:

そこに鳴る / 掌で踊る【Official Music Video】Sokoninaru / Tenohira De Odoru

sokoninaru – re:program:

そこに鳴る / re:program【Official Music Video】Sokoninaru

More info:
Official Website (Japanese)
Official Website (English)
Twitter (Juko Suzuki)
Twitter (Misaki Fujiwara)

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