Haru Nemuri, the singer-rapper-poetess, and hyphenate extraordinaire is celebrating her two year anniversary today with a special little tune called TOKYO (Ewig Wiederkehren), a digital re-release of the song TOKYO, first seen in her debut album Goodbye, Youthphobia (さよなら、ユースフォビア). It was on this day two years ago, October 12, we saw the debut album make waves, the first stepping stone into Haru Nemuri’s journey that led her into opportunities such as appearing on commercials, and even lending her talent to help compose for the idol group Tokyo Girls’ Style. But let’s get back and talk about TOKYO (Ewig Wiederkehren) and find out what the new version has to offer!

The re-release really shows how Nemuri’s singing style evolved within such short time, the greater articulation with reduced nasality truly gives TOKYO (Ewig Wiederkehren) a more genuine feel, especially now that the vocals are better protruded and avoids getting drowned by the instrumentals. You can listen to the previous version on her YouTube channel, and find the new version embedded below.

While the song initially was simply named “TOKYO”, the true full name is indeed “TOKYO (Ewig Wiederkehren)”, meaning “Eternal Recurrence”. This refers to the hypothetical concept the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche endorsed, suggesting the idea that “human beings should live cherishing each moment because the universe perennially repeats the circumduction”. In case you’re unfamiliar with Nietzsche, some of his quotes includes (the simplified) “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, and also “God is dead”, two famous quotes which have inspired countless of musicians.

Together with the new release, Nemuri also shared her thoughts to express herself.

“TOKYO” is the song I composed as Haru Nemuri for the first time.
I wanted to sing a song for you and me to keep alive.
The ocean is just the function which life as a whole circulates, that is, life come into being and die again and again. I think it’s necessary for us to create the ocean in each heart of ours, in the way of thinking, in relations and in this town to always keep our ideas and sense of values alive.
I’ve packed all myself at present so that music will play the role in your heart.

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